Events and Results

Date Event Results
April 22 SHS Boys Invitational  
April 27 Opening Day "Blind Draw" Best Ball    
May 11 Member/Member (Members Event)
May 13 Panhandle Senior Ladies - Kick Off  
May 20 Panhandle Senior Tour - Men  
May 25-27 Memorial Day Games (Members Event)
June 1-2 RUNZA Best Ball  
June 3 FCA Scramble  
June 13-15 Member/Guest (Members Event)  
June 17 Summit Christian College Fundraiser  
June 24-28 Junior Academy (Members Event)  
July 4-7 4th of July Games (Members Event)  
July 8 Regional West Foundation Tournament
July 13-14 Men's Cup Matches (Members Event)  
July 15 Panhandle Junior Tour  
July 18 SBCC Ladies Invitational  
July 22 SHS "Putt for the Paw" Fundraiser  
July 27-28 SBCC Club Tournament (Members Event)  
August 1 SBCC Men's Invitational   
August 3-4 Lashley Couples Tournament  
August 22-25 Platte Valley Pro-Am  
August 31-September 2 Labor Day Games (Members Event)  
September 3 SHS Girls Invitational  
September 9 Panhandle Senior Tour - Ladies    
September 21-22 River Cup Matches vs. Monument Shadows    
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